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Welcome to Frinton Groom Room

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Complete dog grooming service for all dogs whether big or small, pedigree or mixed breed. All looked after within a fully insured, calm and friendly environment using only Products that are 100% Natural, 100% Essential Oils, Ph Balanced to suit your dog's needs, Vet approved, NOT ANIMAL TESTED and made in England. All Shampoos are made of a mixture of plants, botanicals and essential oils to create complex and beautifully fragranced natural products that truly work at no additional charge. I offer a One 2 One service and do not use cage driers or cages.

Please contact me for a more detailed price via phone or email. Prices depend on size, breed and the condition of your dog's coat.


SERVICES (all prices depend on size and breed)

Splash 'N Dash
Bath & Dry, Ears Cleaned, Nails Clipped
(starting from £15 depending on size and breed)
Puppy Induction
Nail Trim, Full ear and eye clean , Bath with Puppy friendly Shampoo (Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose Oil)
Blow dry, Brush out, Eye Trim (if required), Tidy Fringe (if required), Pads (if required), Bottom Trim (if required)
Extra time and care is taken in Puppy Introduction to ensure your Puppy has a good first experience 
from £20 onwards depending on size of your dog
Brush to remove knots and dead hair.
Shampoo of your choice followed by a blow dry. (I do NOT use cabinet dryers)
Nourishing, conditioning coat treatment., Sanitary Trim
Cut and style to customer requirements, Pads (if required), Ear clean, Nail trim (if required)
from £30 onwards depending on size and breed
Add - On Service
Pads £5
Sanitary Trim £5
Nail trim £5
Remoisturizing Conditioner £7
Full Head & Body Massage £7
NAGAYU CO2 Spa Bathing £5 -£9
depending on the size of the dog

Cut only (dogs will have to come freshly washed and knots removed):

This will include a sanitary trim, pads and style. From £25



Good Dog Guide
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42 Halstead Road

Kirby Cross

Frinton on Sea


CO13 0LW


Mobile:  0790 88 60 60 8


Welcome to the Frinton Groom Room, a place for your dog filled with fun, cuddles and plenty of kisses. I know you would not trust just anyone with your dog, which is why I am dedicated to providing nothing short of a first - rate care for your furry family member. I work hard to ensure that the salon is a fun, safe and welcoming environment, putting your dog at ease from the second they arrive until the time comes for them to leave. Every dog gets a One 2 One service and has my full attention at all times. 

At NO time do I use cage dryers because I believe the safety, comfort and happiness of your dog is paramount. I only use handheld dryers and therefore the grooming time for some breeds may take longer.


No Matter what size, shape, colour or breed, I firmly believe that your dog deserves the best. I use state of the art professional equipment and only the finest natural products, making me the No.1 choice to truly pamper your pooch. I am committed to providing the best, natural products that are kind to your dog, the environment and give incredible results.

We use Wildwash Products that are 100% Natural, 100% Essential Oils, Ph Balanced to suit your dogs needs, Vet approved, NOT ANIMAL TESTED and made in England.

I promise no parabens, no phathlates, no phosphates no sulphates, no petrochemicals, no synthetic or semi synthetic fragrances and no PEGs.

The welfare of your dog is my priority. My shampoos a expensive but fantastic and of excellent quality. I keep the cost and price to a minimum. I am happy to be now also able to offer the NAGAYU CO2 Spa treatment. It is suitable for all dogs but really beneficial for dogs with skin conditions. The cost for each treatment would be between £5-£9 depending on the size of the dog /treatment in addition to the cost of the bath and dry. Google the reviews for this product if you are in any doubt.


A regular grooming routine is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. The healthiest skin and coats are the result of optimal nutrition and enhanced by a regular bathing regime. I recommend all new puppy owners start combing their puppy from a very early age. Matts form very quickly in a longer coat and are not always easy to spot. Matts form near the skin and make it very uncomfortable for the dog to move as it will pull on the skin. Also try and get your puppy used to the sound of a hairdryer and touch their feet on a regular basis as it will help when they need a nail trim.

I offer a number of services tailored to your dog's individual needs, whether that be a simple bath and brush or a complete bath and cut grooming solution.

I also offer Puppy Induction. It is important to get your pup used to the grooming process as soon as possible. I understand that taking your new pup to the groomer's for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience for both you and your dog, so I will always do my best to make sure that it is a pleasant one. You are more than welcome to pop into my salon beforehand to get to know me a little better and familiarise yourself with the grooming process.


I am here to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions and above all - offer you peace of mind , knowing that your dog is in good hands.


I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


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