Winter Proof your dog from £7

Good grooming is essential for health winter feet. As we are approaching Snow and the temperatures are getting lower, it is important to look at your dogs paws & pads.

Check for long hair growing between the pads. This hair should be kept as short as possible to prevent painful ice balls and slipping. If you decide to cut the hair between the pad yourself, make sure you use safety scissors (rounded end) to prevent accidentally cutting your dog.

Apply Vaseline to the pads before going outside for a walk. This will them from drying out, cracking or damage caused by chemicals and salt. There is no need for expensive Paw Balms as Vaseline works just as well.

After your walk, wash or wipe the paws and belly to get rid of any nasty chemicals they may have picked up. Then re apply another thin layer of Vaseline.

If you need help with your dogs paws, give me a call and I will try to find you a suitable appointment. 0790 88 60 60 8

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